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Audio Services

Radio in all its forms reaches a larger audience than television, internet and social media weekly.

Our Advantage

Utilizing our in-house recording studio we create the necessary audio components for streaming and television advertising as well as radio. Statistically, people that hear radio advertisements make a purchase more than 50% of the time. This is higher than streaming ads or television spots. The automobile is responsible for a great deal of this audience with 200+ million people in the U.S. listening to radio each week.

For this reason alone, it’s important to make sure the audio portion of your spot is as compelling as the visuals.


Take advantage of our expertise in this area. With 72 channels of automated mix down and the ability to transfer to analog and back via our integrated tape system, we provide a myriad of audio options. Many times the audience will hear a spot before they'll see it. We make sure that what they hear is of the highest quality.