San Francisco - Bay Area

Film/Cinema Production Services

We create in- theater, in- lobby and informational imagery for brand experiences. This includes digital signage and video walls.

Our Advantage

With very few exceptions, today's cinema experience is originated, edited and finished entirely in a digital environment. Its important to know the differences between the chemical process that was film and the image sensor capture process that is digital experience. There are whole generations who have never seen a motion picture shot on film now and yet the "film look" remains an of the objective of many movie makers.


Our team knows the difference and with a few tricks can coax that film aesthetic from a modern digital capture system. We also have an eclectic selection of high-end lenses, some nearly 60 years old (image on right), that have been adapted to modern digital cinema cameras. It can take months to grind a cinema lens by hand and that quality translates directly to the screen.

We also are capable of working in experimental forms of cinema as the new digital formats allow us to work in new and interesting aspect ratios. Bring us something that is hard to do - we love a challenge!